The site

NOTE: This post is out of date, as the site is updated. NOTE: This post was renamed from "site" to "initial site"

This is my website. I have iterated on it many times. Although I have made many attempts at making it look good and stylish, I have never gotten to something that I like. However, my belief is that I am closer now than ever before.


My approach is simply to keep it as simple as possible. I am certainly not alone in this; a lot of people have very simple websites, focusing solely on content. We are talking properly simple. No styling or anything. Just plain HTML-tags with content.

This means that the page fails or succeeds based on the cotnent alone. Because - quite frankly - content is all that is available. Realising that styling is not what I want to spend time doing, I have done something similar.

Even if the content quality to warrant such an approach is not there.

General setup

I am currently writing in Markdown. More specifically, I am using MDX, which seems to combine the pleasentness of Markdowns minimal syntax with the usefulness of React and its components.

For building site itself, I am using NextJS. The process has been surprisingly straightforward. Writing in markdown and automatically receving quite nice webpages on the other end is a delight. The app is deployed with now. I had some domain-related issues, but that was mainly confusion on my part.

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